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As a Plumbing AND Heating company we can cover just about all aspects of maintenance and repair in your home. From the moment water or gas enters your home at your mains stopcock or gas meter, to the point at which it leaves again through your waste pipes or boiler flue, we can help you with all issues you may come across.


- Can't turn your mains water stopcock? We can replace it!

- Toilet will not flush or blocked? We can fix it

- Taps leaking? We can replace or repair.

- Had a new washing machine delivered? We can install it

There are virtually no limits on what we can do, if it's within your home, we almost certainly repair or replace it.


- Need your boiler serviced? No problem, not many will service a boiler as thoroughly as we do!!

- Heating or boiler not working? With over 30 years of combined experience and training, you're in safe technical hands.

- Need your heating renewed? We only offer the very best products and advice to our customers. This is why we are trusted hugely by our customers for our honesty.


Do you like gadgets or just want to make some improvements for efficiency?

We believe prevention is FAR better then the much more expensive cure!

From state of the art Smart Thermostats such as HIVE or NEST, making your heating more economical with Thermostatic Radiator Valves, having a Magnaclean heating filter fitted, to having a SureStop mains water isolator fitted. We are here to help make your life easier and offer you the very best of service and advice.

Try us, we might even be early to your door. Our customers often praise us for our 'out of the norm' time keeping.

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